About Us

At Rooti Creations UK Ltd we specialize in designing, and manufacturing intelligent educational toys for children. A long time ago, we made a commitment to make play as much fun and productive as possible for children because working with experts in child development we discovered that role play is an important part of a child’s social and physical development.

As a company we encourage role play, because it is good and healthy. Children learn so much and so well while playing so we chose to add a sufficient touch of educational play sequences to our toys to aid this learning process. The truth is that we simply want boys and girls to learn while they are happiest. 

Given that changing trends in technology have affected play as much as they have all other important aspects of life, we realized it was essential for the tools of play (our way of saying toys) to reflect these changes. You wouldn’t want to be carrying a manual typewriter around in an I-world would you? (I-world refers to the use of Iphones/Ipads. So you get the picture).

Our toys are innovatively designed to ensure there is never a dull or unproductive moment while the while children are engaged with them.

The concept of Rooti dolls came about when Creator, Chris Ngoforo and his wife Ada Ngoforo struggled to find decent black dolls that can easily connect with her daughters. This is coupled with the challenge he faced with getting his little girls to learn to speak his indigenous African language of Igbo. Further research revealed there is a huge demand for Rooti dolls to help children learn the various languages and cultures of the world, which is set to be a fun unifying force in the world.

Our dolls are bundles of fun which allow boys and girls explore the world while playing in the comfort of their bedrooms. Each Rooti doll has a unique personality, speaks a combination of languages (yes they are multi-lingual), and loves to play.

All Rooti dolls are different in terms of their personality, appearance, and cultural background; however, they are the same in the sense that, like boys and girls all over the world they are special and love to have fun.  Look through our catalogue, buy a Rooti Doll and start a great friendship today. Grownups are welcome to look too; we promise not to tell if we find that they love to play with our dolls too.